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Merit Platinum Card: Get Approved & Build Your Credit!

Merit Platinum Card: Get Approved & Build Your Credit!

Do you have bad credit or no credit at all? Do you keep getting denied when you apply for a credit card? Worry no more! The Merit Platinum Card is very easy to get approved and can help you rebuild your credit.

Merit Platinum Card!

Merit Platinum Card offers no credit check, no employment checks that make it easy for you to get approved. This is perfect for people who don’t have the credit or have a bad credit history. Once approved, you will get an Unsecured credit line plus they will report to at least one credit bureau. Make sure you pay your minimum monthly payment and start to build your credit history with Merit Platinum.

What are the benefits of the Merit Platinum Card?

  • No credit checkThere will be no credit check or employment check when you apply. This means you can be approved even if you have poor credit or no credit score at all.
  • High credit limitUpon approval, you will start off with a certain credit limit, which is decent for this type of card.
  • Access to membership programsYou’ll get access to such programs as My Universal RX, My Roadside Protect, and My Legal Assistance.

Why Apply for Merit Platinum?

  • Build and Monitor Your Credit – Get access to 24/7 credit monitoring with Credit Hawk. Pay your bills on time to build a good credit history.
  • Shop at the Horizon Outlet – Your merchandise credit line can be used exclusively on the Horizon Outlet shopping site to finance an amazing collection of products.
  • Covered with Great Benefits –The Member Benefits include Roadside Protection, Legal Assistance, Prescription Discount Plan, Credit Report Monitoring, and Identity Theft Insurance. Therefore you will have peace of mind.

 CLICK HERE to see important Rate, Fee, and Cost Information!

How to apply for the Merit Platinum Card?

  1. Submit your email and ZIP code and click Continue activation.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. Review the form and submit it.

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