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LumiGuard – Outdoor Solar Powered LED Floodlight!

LumiGuard – Outdoor Solar Powered LED Floodlight!

Lumi-Guard wireless floodlight with a motion detector is the right backyard light for all-around purposes. It is a motion sensor light solar that absorbs power during the day and turns into energy during the night. It will instantly flood any outdoor space with bright, long-lasting light the moment it senses nearby motion and shuts itself off 20 seconds after no motion is detected. This is perfect for security and even entertainment purposes on your patio.

What are the Benefits of a Solar-Powered Flood Light?

  • Solar Flood Lights are Eco-Friendly – solar-powered security lights are the most eco-friendly option out there. They use the free, renewable power of the sun.
  • The Best Solar-Powered Motion Security Light is Budget-Friendly – You have the initial setup cost – the light and solar panel – and that’s it.
  • Solar Powered Security Lights are Easy-to-Install – They don’t require messy wiring and anyone can just do it.
  • Solar Flood Lights are Attractive – Its simple and sleek design makes it very attractive.
  • They’re Low Maintenance – You only have to install it once and you are good to go. You only have to clean it once in a while. 

LumiGuard-Flood Light Specialization!

  • Easy to Install
  • Solar-Powered Energy Savings
  • Automatically and Autonomously Solar Charges by Day
  • No Batteries Necessary
  • Built-In Light Sensor Automatically Switches On When Movement Detected
  • All-Weather Ready: Water-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Frost-Resistant
  • 20 Ultra-Bright LED Lights in Each Light
  • Output: 200 Lumens
  • LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours


Motion Sensor Solar Lights – The solar sensor LED light absorbs sunlight during the day. At night the 20 LED panel converts the energy. It works in dim mode. If it detects motion, it switches to bright light.

Efficient & Energy-Saving – After only 8 hours in the sun, the LED can power up to 50,000 hours LED and 80-lm brightness.

Use Indoors & Outdoors – The year-round LED solar motion lights are made of high-impact ABS and IP44 weather-resistant materials. They are high quality and durable that can withstand dust, splashes, and high temperatures so they are can function in the bad heat of summer or during the winter cold.

Provides Light & Safety – They can also prove helpful in giving you an extra sense of security as they will light up the moment it senses nearby motion.


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