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Learn About Puppy Mill Dogs & The Petition To Ban Their Sales At Pet Stores! 

Learn About Puppy Mill Dogs & The Petition To Ban Their Sales At Pet Stores! 

No animals should live in misery! Have you ever heard of Puppy Mill Dogs that are used for a profit or bred over and over again just to make a profit off of their puppies? If you believe that dogs need love, attention, companionship, and proper hygiene—here is what you should know about the issue and how you can help them!

What You Should Know About Puppy Mills?

Puppy Mills are commercial dog breeding facilities that run solely for the purpose of making a profit. In these facilities, animals are kept in inhumane conditions, forced to live in an unsanitary and cramped space, not receiving any necessary medical care,  affection, or caring human interaction, and the poorest quality food.

What’s Wrong With Puppy Mill Dogs?

Puppy Mill dogs are commonly sold through the internet, flea markets, classified ads, and pet stores. Since these dogs are grown in confined, overcrowded cages with the minimal shelter they could suffer from malnutrition and could be unhealthy. Also, they are known to be often sick and unsocialized.

Puppy Mill Dogs are bred and over-bread until their bodies give out and no longer physically produce a litter. They are abandoned or inhumanely killed when they are not profitable.

You Can Support The Petition To Ban The Sale Of Puppy Mill Dogs At Pet Stores!

Do you feel bad for these Puppy Mill Dogs and want to end their misery? You can join ‘North Share Animal League America’- the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, which is committed to increasing awareness and ending the inhumane practice of massive breeding operations.

Show your support at thepetitionsite.com!

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