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Check Out This Life-Saving Roadside Emergency Device!

Check Out This Life-Saving Roadside Emergency Device!

1TAC Roadside assistance device is an emergency kit that you need to have in the event that you ever need to ensure that your family is safe while on the side of the road.

There’s never a convenient time for your car to break down. You will never know when will your car will act up, it could be on your way to work or could be in the middle of the night and there is no one you could ask for help. That’s why it’s important that to have an emergency safety “signal’ that will keep you and your family safe when you are unexpectedly stuck on the side of the highway.

What Is It?

The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC is a 15 LED’s per disc, magnetic base for hands-free use, 9 modes of emergency light, waterproof, crushproof, and high lumen light that can be seen up to 5000 feet away by oncoming traffic.

What Makes The Roadside Safety Disc One of The Best Safety Lights Out There?

Having a Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC is being ready when a roadside emergency happens. It will protect you and your family when you are in the middle of the road. Plus, the following features make it the best choice!

– 15 LED lights per safety disc

– Can be seen up to 5,000 ft away

– Lightweight and compact- can fit in your glovebox

– 9 flashing light modes

– Easy “one-click” off and on

– Over 1,000 hours of lamp life

– Waterproof (can even float in water)

– Durable (tough enough to be run over by a truck)

– Magnetic base (handy for placing on the back of your car for optimal visibility)

– Only takes 3 AAA batteries

-100% guarantee

-You can test-run the Roadside Safety Disc for a full 30 days completely risk-free

The Roadside Safety Disc from 1TAC is a good one for family road trips, Truckers who are always on the road, and for anyone on a trip along rural highways. This could also be a choice of gift to your loved ones if you care for their safety. 

Reviews from people who use 1TAC-Roadside Safety Disc!

These should be standard issues for field service engineers!– Jim Provenzale

I have them. I haven’t had to use them but I tried them out. I bought more for gifts. They do exactly what the ad shows. BTW the magnet on it is very powerful so be careful around anything with a magnetic strip. – Thomas H Mc Carthy


So shop early, shop now, and stock up!


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